Local 16 Knowledge Database

This page is a list of documents posted by local 16 technicians. If you would like to contribute please email Lisa Woodward or Bob Hines.
steward reports
Excel Steward Spread Sheets for 2008   Non- Macro based Microsoft excell spreadsheets for Steward Reports 2008.  Geoffery Linder Excel PC


Technical Standards Page website link to the Technical Standards Page of ESTA, listing the variety of ANSI accredited standards they have completed.Very relevant to a wide swath of our members. ESTA  
Curtain and Drape        

Typical Curtain Finishes
Curtain Styles-Animated Theatre
Fullness Demonstrations
website great demonstration of curtain types and
configurations from Rose Brand
Power Point        
Mike Cummins
Powerpoint lessons
256K Powerpoint Tutorial Mike Cummins.  
Simon Tuck Powerpoint -Zipped 4.7M Simon Tucks' powerpoint presentation on computer setups Simon Tuck Excel PC Macro
Hines Powerpoint presentation - Zipped 1.4M Bob Hines Powerpoint slides on video Bob Hines Excel PC Macro
Audio files
RF Intermod prediction spreadsheet   Some notes about the spreadsheet. Cell B3 sets the bandwidth Bob Hughes Excel Spreadsheet
Intermod Calculator- RF Intermod Calculator (excel/macro)
  spreadsheet for calculating 3rd order harmonics of radio frequencies Lisa Woodward Excel Spreadsheet
audio_class.ppt 2.6M A2 Class Tom Adams and Lisa Woodward Powerpoint
delay3.xls 20K Loudspeaker delaytime calculator Rich Halvorsen spreadsheet
rfmicV4.pdf 1 M RF Mic Overview Lisa Woodward Adobe Acrobat
Electric files
White Paper on Voltage on Neutral problems and Solutions online
Neutral to Ground VoltageCauses and Cures
Bomara Associates online

Strand 500 Tutorial


3.25 MB Automated Lighting Tutorial for Version 2.8.6 with Console Screen Strand Adobe PDF
Scroller Addendum Tutorial 2.6 MB   Strand Adobe PDF
DMX Extrapolator   DMX Extrapolator Paul Puppo Excell spreadsheet
dmx_conversion.xls 53K DMX conversion chart Paul Harris spreadsheet
SFO_Lighting_Info.doc 506K SF Opera Lighting System and You Paul Measom Microsoft Word
Pyro files
pyro_primer_C_may_01.doc 31K Pyrotechnics and the Stagehand Reuben Goldberg Microsoft Word
Rigging files
Rigging_Data_local16.xls 336K Riggers Helper Marty Cohen spreadsheet
rig_primer_A_2nd_revision.doc 29K Rigging Primer Reuben Goldberg Microsoft Word
video files
Basic and intermediate video   Bob Hines Basic and intermediate powerpoint Presentation    
Install.exe 51K Display Mate Bob Hines PC program
lens1-2.pdf 139K LCD Projector lens Bob Hines Adobe Acrobat
lens3-6.pdf 221K LCD Projector lens Bob Hines Adobe Acrobat
Ntest.zip 443K Video Test Pattern Randy Parsons PC Program
Video_Conversion.html 168K Notes on Video Conversion Bill Grinder web page
Video_concepts.pdf 75K Video Concepts Bob Hines Adobe Acrobat
Video_setup.pdf 356K Video Setup Bob Hines Adobe Acrobat
Concepts organization tech library   Many manuals and guides Concepts organization web page
Manuals download page   Directory for equipment downloads