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If you are submitting a resume to Local 16, please include the following:

Full legal name

Current address with zip code

Current phone number with area code

Current pager number with area code (if applicable)

Current cell phone number with area code (if applicable)

A list of your technical skills

A list of prior experience in the entertainment field

A list of references with names, relationship and contact information

Local 16 collects resumes from experienced technicians in the entertainment fields for possible referral to our signature employers. By collecting resumes Local 16 makes no promise of employment, but rather, as a service to our employers, will review resume submissions.

Local 16 will keep your resume on file for 6 months. If you have not been referred to an employer within 6 months of submitting your resume, you may, if you wish, resubmit your resume.

After submitting your resume you may be asked by Local 16 to attend an orientation meeting. This meeting is for informational purposes only and does not imply that Local 16 will refer any technician to an employer. At this meeting you may be asked to take an exam to demonstrate your competency in the crafts represented by Local 16. The results of this test influence the circumstances under which Local 16 will refer you to an employer.

At such time as Local 16 is unable to fulfill an employer's request for labor with the technicians it currently represents, Local 16 may review its resume collection and refer candidates based on the skills listed in their resume, experience in the field, and upon favorable references. The employer or its representative will inform Local 16 of the qualifications of new referrals and, upon a favorable review, Local 16 will continue to refer that technician to future jobs.

Should the employer or its representative inform Local 16 that the referred technician did not possess the required skills, Local 16 is then under no obligation to refer that technician in the future.

Local 16 may infer from resumes that a technician possesses skills related to the primary skills listed on the resume, and may refer that technician to such jobs if the above criteria is in place.

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