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A. Electricians' Toolbox Etc... a great resource for electricians
The main entery page
Nema configurations ( which wire goes to which pin)
The useful information page is here

B. These are the main consoles in todays world. Flying Pig (WHOLE HOG), ACT Lighting (GRAND MA), ETC CONNECT (ETC CONSOLES).


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Power distribution systems, technical libraries;

See Contract Services Safety Bulletin 23 [Guidelines for Working with Lighting Systems and Other Electrical Equipment (10/18/00)] and 23a [Addendum A Power Line Distance Requirements (7/09/02)]

Identifing conductors
Feeder cable and portable cable explained here by Lex Products corp.
Another tech library from TLS
TMB's tech information (pin out charts, de-rating multi-conductor etc.)
Time Code
Lighting fixture / Lamp Code cross check data
Battery technical information, Battery Disposal from Duracell
How Electronics ( computers, dimmers ) effect the current flow in the Neutral is explained here. Why more current may flow in the neutral than in a hot leg
U-ground circuit testers may give false readings

still under construction

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Articles of Interest

safety cables