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The operator's manual (required to be on each piece of equipment) is the primary source of information for the safe operation of the equipment. It contains the manufacturer's specifications for that unit, including operational limits; the various check lists to verify the condition of the unit; potential hazards associated with the unit and other pertinent information. The Manual of Responsibility defines the responsibilities of all those entities associated with the unit (operator, user, dealer, etc.) . Every operator is required to read and understand both the operator's manual and the Manual of Responsibility associated with each unique piece of equipment before operating that unit.

The following links (in random order) will lead to manufacturer web sites with equipment specifications. NOTE: Always refer to the operator's manual for the unit you operate.

Genie operator manuals, Genie equipment information
JLG world site, US site click on appropriate buttons for technical information
Snorkel no longer has a web site thanks to merger
Condor parts may be found here, but is no longer manufactured
Skyjack see JLG
Grove no longer has a web site thanks to merger

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There are a variety of ANSI safety codes depending on the material and type of ladder. The applicable ANSI codes are as follows:

Wood ANSI A14.1      Metal ANSI A14.2        Fixed Ladders ANSI A14.3              

Fiberglass ANSI A14.5        Steel ANSI A14.7         Stages ANSI A10.8

In addition, ANSI codes have established a Duty Rating which identifies the use for which a portable ladder is intended and the conditions under which the ladder can be used safely. The following table describes the various types of ladders:

TYPE                MAX WORK LOAD                    RATED USE

Type 1AA                   375 lbs                      Super Heavy Duty Type

1A                               300 lbs                      Extra Heavy Duty

Type 1                        250 lbs                      Heavy Duty Industrial

Type 11                     225 lbs                      Med. Duty Commercial

Type 111                  200 lbs                       Light Duty Household

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Scaffolding should be assembled under the direction of a competent individual. Safway Scaffold has on line instructions for assembling several of the types scaffolding used in our industry. Note: Always refer to the manual of the maufacturer of the scaffoding being assembled.

Sectional (end frames and cross bracing)
Systems ( indivual uprights and cross bracing)
Tube and Clamp

From Sunset Ladder's catalog page four (ladder safety rules) and page eighteen (scaffold safety rules).

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"Ode to a Man Lift" By Joe Heid

The Journey from the rolling "A" ladder to the interlocked safety switched electric personnel lift.