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Manufacturers; truss, chain motors, hardware

Tomcat truss, chain motors
Total Fabrications truss
Lightruss from ETA Systems
Thomas truss, with truss history and how to suspend Thomas truss
QuickTruss by Milos load ratings and technical information.
Truss from Penn Fabrications
Truss from Prolyte technical information pages, Truss spec pages follow links here
Applied Electronics for truss, lifts
ChainMaster Hoists from Show Distribution
CM Hoists and an online product catalog
Stagemaker Hoists
Crosby Specs for chain, shackles, wire rope,etc
Campbell chain; click on campbell chain. After you except the conditions on page http://www.cooperhandtools.com/brands/campbell/cam_warn.cfm you are forwarded to the tech info page http://www.cooperhandtools.com/brands/campbell/index.cfm
J R Clancy has a glossary of rigging terms
Also from Clancy;
Winch basics
Counterweighed rigging operation; sets with a loading gallery (specifications for loading schedule 40 & schedule 80 pipe)
Counterweighed rigging operation; sets without a loading gallery
Standard specifications for rigging equipment


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Rigging Primers

Rigging Primer A download document on the Knowledge Data Base page. A source of basic information for those who are not riggers
Rigging Primer A plain text copy of the primer

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Suppliers, Vendors

Ver Sales is a supplier to our industry and its webpages are a great resource.
                Technical data is located on the product pages .
Bill Sapsis, Sapsis Rigging, has a great site with a glossary of rigging terms and informative articles
Dakota rigging's left hand frame has links of interest

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Ropes (fiber and steel), slings, ropework, knots,bends, hitches

New England Rope rope splicing guides
Knots on the web an immense site with everything you might want to know about knots
Troop 9 [Billings, Montana] animations showing how to tie several basic knots and hitches
Ropers Knots Page a good resource for information
A great site for technical information, click here for the knot page.
Rope-The physics of loads and energy, how a rope changes under stress, when will a rope break is a dead link
Yale Cordage data on rope and slings
New England Rope for rope data
Wire rope information, click on tech support and then on either "rope selection" or "rope insepection and removal"
Lift-All Round slings,webbing and other lifting products
Lift-It general information page with many articles.


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Local venue information

Civic Auditorium, Concourse Exhibition Center, Cow Palace, Curran, Davies Symphony Hall, Exploratorium, Fairmont Hotel, Fort Mason- Pier 2 - Pier 3 - Cowell Theatre, Galleria, Geary, Geshwin Presentation Theatre, Golden Gate, Herbst, Hilton Hotel [Contact Ballroom Operations 1-415-771-1400], Hyatt- Burlingame - Embarquadero, Luther Burbank Center, Marin Civic, Marines Memorial Theatre, Marriott Hotel, Masonic Auditorium, Moscone , Moscone Ice Rink, Orpheum, St. Francis Hotel, SF City Hall, SF War Memorial Opera House, San Mateo Expo Center, Sheraton Palace Hotel, Showplace, Gift Center, Theatre on the Square, Treaure Island - Building 180 - 2(Hanger) - 3(Hanger), Y B Center for the Arts - Theatre - Forum, W Hotel

under construction

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