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A resource for the technicians of Local 16 IATSE.

All ideas, complaints, suggestions, problems, or other concerns shall be presented in writing to the Safety Committee, Local 16 IATSE, 240 Second Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105, c/o Ed Raymond via U S Post or e-mail at

PLASA has a new website highlighting the Entertainment Industry Safety Initiative!
You can Check it out at this link.


The Local 16 Safety Page is intended to facilitate the exchange of information. Inclusion in the Safety Page does not necessarily constitute endoresment by Local 16 IATSE.

Note; See notice at the bottom of this page. Please notify the Safety Committee if you discover a broken link.

MSDS - Safety Bulletin - Harnesses & Fall Protection / Suspension Trauma - Fog - Electrical - Lifts - Rigging - Standards & Law - Injured


Department of Industrial Relations; worker's compensation information, claim form, information bulletins
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The Material Data Safety Sheet, required by law to be present on the job site, is the reference source for  protective gear, exposure limits, how to fight fire, and other relevant information for the safe use of chemicals in the work place.  Links to general MSDS sources and theatrical manufacturer pages with MSDS for our industry
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Links to Contract Services Safety Bulletins and Local 16 saftey bulletins. And, articles of interest covering the many aspects of our industry.
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Harnesses, Fall Protection / Suspension Trauma

Information on lanyards, carabiners, harnesses, etc.
Note: Fall Protection gear is a one time only use. Some manufacturers will exchange a harness that has a documented fall for a new harness
Note: "Suspension Trauma is a particularly insidious hazard for all people who may work in harnesses. It can result in unconsciousness, followed by death, in less than 30 minutes. After a study into a number of similar deaths of cavers while prusiking, the Medical Commission of the French Federation for Speleology concluded there was a common link beyond the previous official cause of death of "exhaustion". That cause has become known as Suspension Trauma or Harness Induced Pathology." [quote from Alan Sheehan B.E., Senior Vertical Rescue Instructor, NSW SES]
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Links to equipment manufacturers, and other sources of atmosheric effects information
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A resource for connector schematics, transformer wiring, color coding single conductor cable for power distribution, formulas, and other pertinent electrical information
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LIFTS (Aerial Work Platforms)

Links to lift manufacturers, information about lifts. Information regarding ladders. Information on scaffolding
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Links to truss and equipment manufacturers, load charts, manufacturer's specifications. Links to ropes, ropework, knots, bends, hitches. Links to suppliers and vendors that contain helpful hints, data, and specifications. Information germane to rigging in venues under the jurisdiction of Local 16
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Links to the secretariat for ANSI standards for the entertainment industry and National Fire Protection Association. A standard becomes a law when adopted by an authority having jurisdiction. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is the body that authorizes organizations to write standards.
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One could make the argument that O.S.H.A. regulations are mandatory and that A.N.S.I. standards are advisory in nature. One of the professionals at Alyeska Pipeline Service, Mr. Larry Richardson had been through the Lift-It Sling Safety Program and did some research with Fed O.S.H.A, Area X. Here's the response:

"Your understanding of O.S.H.A.'s enforcement policy is correct. We expect employers to comply with industry standards and will enforce those provisions of an A.N.S.I. Standard that are not addressed in our standards through the general duty clause, (Section 5(a)(1) of the act.

Local 16 is a member of; USITT, ESTA, ASEPO


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