Standards and Laws

The Office of the State Fire Marshall administers laws that affect the theatre and creates regulations to implement those laws. Specifically, Title 19 regulates theatrical and film pyrotechnics. Also, open flame is under the perview of the OSFM. The California Department of Forestry is the Parent of the State Fire Marshal and the fire engineering section oversees pyrotechnics and open flame
Two of the organizations that write standards that apply to the entertainment industry are The National Fire Protection Association , and The Entertainment Services and Technology Association

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ESTA's Standards Watch; >August 02,

The NFPA is the source for:

NFPA 101 Life Safety (standards for places of public assembly)
NFPA 58, LPG gas
NFPA 70 the National Electrical Code
NFPA 140 Motion Picture and TV Production Studio Sound Stages and Approved Production Facilities
NFPA 160 Flame Effects Before a Proximate Audience
NFPA 1126 Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience

ESTA is the source for;

ANSI E1.1-1999, Entertainment Technology - Construction and Use of Wire Rope Ladders
ANSI E1.2-2000, Entertainment Technology - Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers
ANSI E1.3-2001, Entertainment Technology - Lighting Control Systems - 0 to 10V Analog Control Specification
          E1.3 Application Guide
ANSI E1.9-2001, Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Entertainment Lighting
Introduction to Modern Atmospheric Effects, 3rd edition
Supplement to the Recommended Practice for Ethernet Cabling Systems in Entertainment Lighting Applications

Working Groups: (actively writing and updating standards according to ANSI)
            Camera Cranes, Control Protocols, Electrical Power, Floors, Fog and Smoke, Photometrics, and Rigging.

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