Navigating the Local 16 Online Webtool:

1. Go to

2. Select the ‘Work Referral Log In Tool’ orange button.

3. Adjust the ‘white drop-down’ to either Mobile or Desktop as necessary.

4. Enter your User ID (first initial, last name, and last 4 Soc. Sec. number- example: JSMITH1234)

5.Enter your Password
The first time you log-in your password is your last four from your Social Security

6.The system will immediately prompt you to create your own password.

7. Note the four tabs atop of the page: Jobs, Bio, Availability, and Job History

8. Select the tab you desire based upon the descriptions below.

  • JOBS: this tab will show you the job(s) which you are currently booked to go to.

    Click on the Job # to expand the details.
    Note the start date and start time.

    Explore the details of the job, and call Local 16 if there are any questions (do not assume)

BIO: this tab is where you can update the particulars of your address, email, phone numbers, etc.

Your changes will not reflect immediately; the update sends a notice to staff that will make the changes

AVAILABILITY: this tab is where you enter your work availability, or review your current status on the list

-Please uncheck the days you are NOT available for work referral from Local 16.

Use the note field at the bottom to fine tune availability; such as partial day availability.

- NOTE: -
If Local 16 has not contacted you within your 7 day period, the system will remove your name from the availability list on morning of the the 8th day. (Please update every 5 days)

The morning you begin a new job, the system will remove your name from the availability list. BEFORE you go to work that day, please update your availability on the list.

You are responsible for tracking and reporting to all your return callbacks on a job. JOBS HISTORY: this tab is where all your completed jobs will remain for 2 years’ time.

You can review all your jobs as necessary for information you may need.

Please contact any agent with questions you may have, and always review your job bookings in advance of the job start date.

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email local16
Phone: 415-441-6400

Fax: 415-243-0179