To all that work at the Moscone Center:

We are sending this notification in an effort to keep you apprised of expansion work taking place at the Moscone Center. Please distribute this information to any coworkers that will be working at Moscone over the week of August 24th.  

We have just been advised that waterproofing of the new truck ramp at The Moscone Center will take place the week of August 24th.

This project will take place in 5 steps over the entire week. We have been advised that there will be a significant odor caused by several of the products being used. Every effort is being made to mitigate this odor however it will still likely be detectable inside Halls ABC.
MSDS sheets for each step of the process are posted here

Waterproofing 1
Waterproofing 2

Waterproofing 3

Waterproofing 4
Waterproofing 5

If anyone working during those days has any concerns they should be directed to contact Kenny Reis, Safety Manager with Webcor at 510-205-4276.




Here are some photos of Local 16 crews sent in by members.

  • Bob Vincent - Moscone center Breakout crew
  • Charlie Dill - Game Of Thrones Opening Gala Video Crew
  • Cubby Sedgwick - New Years Eve Further Crew 2012
  • Dan Lazzarini - Sonoma Jazz 2011
  • Dave Childers - Crew on set on California Coast
  • Ed Raymond-Rebuilding America 2013 crew
  • Jinx Kid - Golden Gate Theater Crew
  • Jinx Kid Golden Gate Theater Crew # 2
  • Jinx Kid -Porgie and Bess 2013
  • Lisa Jackson Outsidelands 2015 1
  • Lisa Jackson Outsidelands 2015 2
  • Mary Magdalene Set SF Opera crew
  • Michael Ohta - IDF 2008
  • Michael Ohta - Rigging Crew at Moscone
  • Michael Ohta Crew  10
  • Michael Ohta Crew  11
  • Michael Ohta Crew 6
  • Michael Ohta Crew 12
  • Michael Ohta Crew in front of Union Hall
  • Michael Ohta Crew photo 7
  • Michael Ohta Crew photo 9
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew  5
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew  6
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew 1
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew 2
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew 3
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew 4
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Crew 13
  • Michael Ohta Moscone Oracle Crew
  • Michael Ohta Union Voting
  • Russ Milligan - Microsoft 2014 Crew members
  • Tigi Coyle - Oracle Yerba Buena Garden crew 2014
  • Tony Perez - Outside Lands Video Crew
  • Warfield Theater crew 2007




Stage rigging is has announced training dates for August and September 

August 24th – Math (pt. 1)
Sept 21st  -    Truss and Math (pt.2) 
Please contact Stage Rigging at: 




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A Facebook page for I.A.T.S.E local 16 has been established!

Check this page for additional info and photos from local 16.

Local 16 Training would like to remind everyone of…
With over 3000 courses, there is something for you!

Local 16 currently maintains 10 licenses which are rotated,
on a bi-weekly basis.
Reserve yours today! saves all coursework indefinitely.


New Employment Check Off Forms and New Hire Documents have been posted to the website
to be used on every job as of 5/6/2014
Check this link to the forms page.


Nicholas Gerry has posted some links to great electrical training videos on youtube.
you can find the link on the electrical tab on the knowledge database.



Peter Thomas of DTC has posted some new training videos!

You can view them at this link.


Great site to learn your knots!
check it out at this link.

Payroll Notice:
If you will be working for Talent Fund Payroll Services you need to fill out special forms for their payroll system. These forms can be found at this link.

This is for anyone who works for the Talent Fund from here on out, but if you have worked and received a check this year they are OK until 2014, thanks!

PLASA Technical Standards Now Available to Everyone for FREE

check this link for more info


A quick heads-up.
The San Francisco Public Library is offering six week internet courses free with your library card. (also free)
They are carried by the site.
Courses include:
Power point 2010 & 2007,
Excel, and Access (under applications)
Comp TIA A+ prep series. (under Technology)



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